Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bride of Frankenstein Premium format figure from sideshow!

The most recognizable horror characteristics must come from James whales cult classic from 1935.
The Bride of Frankenstein, a follower of The original Movie Frankenstein released four years earlier.
Still having the legendary Boris Karloff on the cast, but also the beautiful and feminine Elsa Lanchester as the "Frankensteins bride".

A character that grounded most horror at that time and created tracks 70 years in the future.
Her hairstyle was later used in more than 125 movies as relations or tributes to whales movie.
bride of Frankenstein was Created.

Sideshows Universal horror line did a wonderful job recreating this wonderful heroine. 
in premium format scales she stands more than 20 inches in heigh.
with real fabric clothes and eyelashes, she fits perfectly in my collection.

~Sideshow Collectibles Elsa Lanchester, The Bride of Frankenstein premium format figure~

corset dress.

The sculpted legs.

front of sideshow Box 

The bride of frankenstein base.

The base Design is made after the Universal Studio floor when shooting the movie.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this statue.
All in all another wonderful sideshow figure, portraying one of the absolute top horror icons.

My Sideshow Universal Collection now includes:
 Creature from the black lagoon premium format
Nosferatu premium format And Statue.
 Dracula Premium format
, Bride of frankenstein premium format.
Phantom of the Opera premium format.


  1. I love this figure, she's beautiful and the craftsmanship really is so wonderful. I miss collecting figures, hopefully once I have a house I will start again!

  2. Oh, man, they're freaking amazing.

  3. thanks friends :)

    Emilie@ you used to have a lot of figures ?