Thursday, January 19, 2012

Godzilla Model Kit Log 1

Hi, my friedn ask me kindly if I could Airbrush He's Old Godzilla Model kit For him.
he mocked it up as a kid, and did the paint-job by his very own hand!
I think its a cool attempt, but at the same time, Im so glad I could have the honor painting such Old Model kit.

i started to remove the old paint, a hard job cause from what I think, he used some paint based for ship planks. This kind of paint is filled with Enamel and makes it a nearly unbreakable surface.

but with clear alcohol, Airbrush liquid cleaner , and a dizzy fog of toxic in my kitchen i succeeded to remove some of the layers.

The Godzilla figure as it came.
Just before cleaning.

There are several breaks at the old plastic at this kit, But nothing is too old not to be fixed with some milliput
I mocked it up with some to component white milliput, and thats what makes it more stabile.

This is the Tokyo Base as it came from my friend.

Hansa Airbrush

There a gasping whole in The Head of Gojira

Now fixed with Milliput ;)

Modified base, primed with gray shcminke airbrush paint, and sculpting flames with Gel-Denso.
Adding some different textures in the bottom, like sand and small nature materials can give a good effect on plastic model kits.

Tjeck back later, for the Final Result 


  1. That Milliput seems like some good stuff to work with. Looking forward to seeing the finished Godzilla.

    1. Yeah Its great for all kinds of modeling, repairing and fixing. :)
      I use it all the time, for broken figures and you can even make corals for your aquarium ;D

  2. Looking forward to see the final result :)


    1. Oh thanks ^_^
      I will pant the base soon then, so I can post it here <3

      Thanks for your comment :D