Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rango Hot Toys double set of Figures

From master Company Hot Toys come a stunning deluxe double box set featuring Rango and Priscilla.

The two charismatic characters from the lately released animated movie Rango, is a must for many kind of collectors.
The details and smoothment is absolutely treasured in this box set, and hot toys has not made any mistakes releasing this set according to me.

The Box can be opened and made into an environment of the western town, I styles it up with real sand while displaying it for the photos.
I hope you like the pictures.

This set is ,edium expensice, so...
a Very important this is, that these figures need a good place to be displayed, if you wrap em out and place them in a collection, they would become looking McDonalds figures very quickly.
These definitely need a shelf or a glass bell of some kind for themselves, before becoming expensive looking.

The box design is simple and the box is quite little, which i think as a +.

The figures are hard to discover through many layers of wrapping in the window box though.

Rangos hat is magnetic, to its easy to attach.

The eyes of priscilla is the only minus on this set, cause the back layer of the iris is printed in a bad quality on paper, it means when you take a close look into her eyes, you'll get disappointed.

All in all a great set, too expensive compared to the fun factor.
but great for a simple display.

Rango over and Out.

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