Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nautilus Model kit found !

Well, I went with Jeongie and her roomy to a flea market like a week ago!
We kinda joked so much about the Nautilus... 
(the submarine from Jules Vernes Novel 20.000 leagues under the sea)
...because I ordered the Huge Replica from eFx at the pre-order page and Im waiting for it with tense.

They kept making jokes and references to all ship-stuff we found at the market, like an old porthole and navigation sticks , we were sure it was the rest of what was left of the Nautilus after Captain Nemo Blew it up! we made these jokes because the nautilus I ordered is like serious expensive. ( approx. 1800$ )

But then At the very last stall, I saw this custom made wooden box, and the Content was an 31" long Nautilus resin Model!

a Very funny found and the guy who had no idea of the content sold it to me for 20$ (2000¥)

It comes in the huge Custom made box, and is kinda classy actually.

There are many missing parts like the Portholes and the entire wheelhouse ≧(´▽`)≦ hehe

Now, I just need to decide if I want to restore the entire ship or not.

spare parts, like the whee and Captain Nemo mini Figure

Check back later for update on this Nautilus Model Kit. о(ж>▽<)y ☆