Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Marauders map

From the very first description, I was in love with the idea of a map of entire Hogwarts.
Since prisoner of Azkaban intriduced us to The marauders map, This has been my absolute favorite artifact.
Maybe also because Eduardo Lima and Miraphora Mina have done a wonderful piece of art craeting a map that portraits us this magic school in a very creative dimension.
Instead of a "treasure map roll" they designed the map to a folded "pop-up" map that shows a tons of layers and cutouts of Hogwarts school.
My first attemt

But, before Noble collection made a replica map that you could archive for human money, I was desperate to have a map like this.
After watching the movie, I made my very own Marauders map, actually two, one that is approx. 150cm and one another that is over 700cm in length, all hand-drawn by me.
These two prototypes of the Marauders map was created by me several years ago and Im still quite happy to have these two till date.
First and Second Marauders map

out folded Marauders map at nearly 800 cm in lengh

BUT, theres one Huge issue for me, The Noble collection Marauders map is still not like the one I see in the movies.
Theres a lot of pages I have discovered from other sources.
So if it should happen that  Eduardo Lima or Miraphora Mina should ever read this post, I beg you to show me the original artwork for the Marauders Map.
Im obsessed about the idea finding out how the actual screen used prop look like in out-folded form.

The Noble collection Marauders map

Mine and the printed replica

Source of Unseen page of The marauders map
photographed from prop archive 

My desk ready to style the Marauders map.

Now I will try to cut up another map and paste the styles pages inside the Noble collection map, and add the never before seen Map pages into my noble replica.
an try to add as much of the other Marauders map artwork to my actual Prop.

Heres also another picture from The Harry Potter Exhibition showing the Marauders map with and glimpse of an unseen page inside the map.
I do not own Copyright on this last picture.

Thanks a lot for reading here at my blog.
Look back for post about the continuing project 
see ya.
h. Emiru


  1. Wow, what amazing! is to make available for download? take pictures of each page please? I really want these maps, they loved it!

  2. Hi I wish to know, how I can obtain your map? It's an amazing work

  3. I love thiss I need to have this maps please send them to me!!??