Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flourish and Blotts recommend!

Have you collected all school books and literature to your next semester at Hogwarts?

The magical entrepreneurs in best-selling-spell'ing literature serves some of the best words and vocalabury swung in gothic letters and filthy sentences.

There's something for everyone, and~ Nor' wizard, student as well as high witch-masters and 1st class members, of merlins order, shall leave with no literature ! 

The art department created these book covers for The Harry Potter series.

Great for printouts and glueing opportunities to normal books,is all good fun in the process of creating props.

A history of magic. 
basic schoolbook for Hogwarts students 

"Dark arts Defense" 
A rather childish and naive book for the subject 
"Defence against the dark arts"

Hogwarts, A history.

The Life and Lies of Albus dumbledore

Potion Opuscule

Rune Dictionary

Secrets of the DARKEST ART

The healers help mate

The Tales of Beedle the bard.
(non-translated edition)
This edition is the dust cover for Albus Dumbledores old edition written in Runes.
~given to Hermione as said in his last will and testament.

I hope you enjoyed the Design for the Books used in Harry Potter.
all created by the Harry potter Art department, Eduardo Lima and Miraphora Mina.

Look back later for more Potter props and prints.


  1. Hey! These look amazing! I've been trying to find book covers to create my own Hogwarts schoolbooks. Could I get these without the watermark? xxx

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