Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This is dedicated to my follower from ! 
A snow white obsessed collector and blogger, that keeps inspiring me with true Nostalgia and disney Spirit.

Must tell you I enjoy your blog!

I recently got this book from a book store in Ikebukuro and Thought the graphics inside where interesting and spectacular.
As far as I know, its a chinese artist who gave a lot of examples of classic fairytale characters new designs.

If anyone knows where this porcelain Dwarfs history, You'll be welcome to tell me.
I got it from my farther who had as a kid.
So, Please, Disney and Snow white Collectors ~
Speak your mind, I'd really like to know where it come from :-)



  1. Thanks for the plug h.EMIRU! Much appreciated.

    Your little guy there looks quite familiar. I'm sure Ive seen this particular sculpt before. Yet, after a quick search through my records, I didn't find anything. I'll keep a look out in my research and will certainly let you know when I come across him.

    The book looks fascinating too. If you have some scans of the those Snow White-esque pages, I'd certainly like to post them...with a link back to you of course.

    Terrific post!

  2. Here's a link to a "Happy" sculpt that appears to be similar in design to your Bashful (???) dwarf.

  3. wow thanks.
    yeah, seems so ! My dwarf has a whole in the back so you can stick in a single flower (a dwarf vase) and in bottom the text says :

    Walt Disney

    The last word is hard to read, but I'll take some close up shots if you want to see it :)