Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gentle Giant Lord Voldemort Maquette

This is a short Picture Review of Gentle Giant's Lord Voldemort Figure from The Harry Potter series.
Voldemort is scaled in 1/4 scale which is called a "premium format".~~

The term "premium format is usually used by the company Sideshow Collectibles, but I intent to mention it as well even if it is a Gentle Giant Figure/statue!

The Cloak is made of real fabric and the Lord Voldemord wand is removable ! 
The statue is "glued" to the base, so it is not removable or posable in any way!

The face has fine details such as eyes and nostrils ! but i might suspect that the wand isn't made in the correct scale.... To me it look a little too huge.

A very fine collectible from Gentle Giant, and extremely rare.
This one is number 169 out of 250 worldwide !

Compare my hand size to the figure.

The Box design is disappointing, 
I wish it would have been i little more darker and rough. but then, the figure is such a biggie. 
I wont talk too loud about the box design in this piece.

Thumbs up Gentle Giant