Thursday, November 10, 2011

Disney Sea Concept art (the mysterious island, Mt Prometheus) + The Nautilus

lately I have worked at some scaled designs for Disney Japan art department!
In this case, redesign and re-conceps for the area in Tokyo Disney sea called "Mysterious Island"
A area based on Jules vernes classic tales  "journey to the center of the earth" and "20.000 leagues under the sea"!

The whole area is the lagoon, on Mysterious island, The great Volcano "Mt prometheus" and the lagoon is also including Captain Nemo's famous Nautilus Submarine and a lot of Jules Vernes' inspired architectural decoration.

summer 2012, is Tokyo Disney sea celebration a themed festival, and therefore they're having a Jules verne inspired Treasure hunt. 
A lot of maps of the island and volcano is sketched and scaled, and even some models and maquette's that can tell where to seek the next clue has to be sculpted.

Heres my first attempt. 

People who has been in this area, might recognize it, it must admit its far more interesting If you have been to this place.

Its far from done yet. 

I hope You enjoyed it.



  1. Could you or have you made a blog that explains your job more? I think you just might have my dream job T_____T

  2. hey man, did this treasure hunt ever happen? I'd love to see pictures of it