Friday, November 11, 2011

Bela Lugosi as ~Dracula~ Sideshow Silver screen Figure! Universal Monsters ! Rare

The One and Only.
The one who started it all..... The first and The best.
The tallest and The pale'est! 
The most classic and the most noble.

The King, The father and the Real.

Count Dracula.

The ancient Vampire as seen in The 1931 production from universal studios.
Bela Lugosi wrote a big deal in the moving picture history and is still the most scary and classic Vampire of All time.

This is the Deal, I cannot mentioned enough how much I think That Bela Lugosi is the King of Gothic horror and the very beginning of a whole new Movie era !

~ Sideshow Collectibles presents ~
Bela Lugosi as " Count Dracula "
~The classic vampire~
In a silver screen edition of 300 pieces worldwide 
this is No,209 out of 300.

Pose-able, real fabric, casted in resin and has a soft body.
This is the ultimate Universal studios Collectible. 
and One of the rarest sideshow Universal premium format figures.

Sideshow Dracula:

The details on Draculas west and cape is amazing.
Small chains are attached to give a final touch! 

hands and arms are pose-able, 

Count Dracula next to 
sideshows' 1/4 premium format Phantom of the Opera figure 

The Dracula base is solid resin, and extremely heavy.

Phantom of the Opera premium format
also from sideshow.

see Phantom of the opera review here:


  1. He is indeed the one!!! Just watched the film again this past Halloween. I love that it has no musical soundtrack. The silence is a good way.

    This Sideshow figure is simply a stunner. Poseable, a cape that covers his face, the details of chain and creases in the absolute stunner!

    The Phantom of the Opera premium format is not half bad either. What a pair they make.

  2. How tall is this Dracula figure? Is this the 12" figure? Was there ever an 8" figure issued to match the rest of the Universal Monsters released in the Silver Screen edition?

    1. This figure is 1/4 scale also Called premium format and stands approx 19-20 inches!