Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sideshow Phantom of the Opera Silver screen edition ~ Sideshow universal monsters

This is a rare oldie, luckily i got my hand on this huge quater-scale figure on eBay a couple of months ago.

Sideshows rare universal Studio Line, finally cough my interest, which is sad cause iw as so late, Now they are all extremely expensive (approx 1000$ each )
The line includes:

The bride of Frankenstein
The Mummy
Creature from the black lagoon
and Lon Chaney from London after midnight.
and Nosferatu.

all in 1/4 scale


Premium format figure!

Well this review ain going to be much text, I fully respect the figure and highly recommend it for ecery film/movie or horror collection.
Great piece.
Top score in every way!

The body is soft with a stiff wire system inside (makes it slightly pose-able) 
The cloak is removable and looks great with AND without.
theres a small final touch under the sewer grate, the water is painted to look weed, and gives a great detail of dirty street environment 

This is the exclusive Silver screen (black'n'white) edition.
Only 250 ever made, and this one is no 176.

Thanks for looking.
I hope you'd like to tune in on my next review, a little clue~
he's got very pointy teeth!


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