Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sideshow Creature from The Black Lagoon

The creature From the black Lagoon is one of my absolute favorite Universal Movies of all time.
The one movie, with the most weird trivia a additional movie information.

I cannot say anything else than I Just LOVE this figure.

My absolute tallest Universal figure, and with Coolest base.

The rubber seaweed and the fish is creating a GREAT underwater scene for this all time scary creature.

I clearly remember that this monsters was portrayed in several cartoon as family Addams, Monster squad and Scooby-Doo where I first saw him.

An all time favorite monster that a Huge figure can only make better!

This one Is NOT pose able like the Phantom 1/4, Nosferatu, Dracula and Lon Chanely from The lost movie "London after midnight", but is made in 100% firm polystone material!
....which makes is extremely huge and heavy.

This silver screen edition is number 49 out only 100 ever made ! which makes its the second rarest in the line. (right after The Mummy)
The prize of the figure has evolved in the last six months, and you an actual sell a figure like this for approx. 600/700 pounds on eBay if you have a good number.

Great sculpt and paint.
I highly recommend the silver screen editions.

Score Recap:
Packaging - *****

Sculpting - ******

Paint - ******

Articulation -  (statue, no Joints)
Fun Factor - *****
Value - *******
Overall - ******

AVampire we already know,
 would get he's 5 minutes next time.
In a scale that pleasures me!

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