Monday, October 24, 2011

Is this your wife? What a lovely throat - Sideshow Nosferatu Statue

This newly Realeased Nosferatu Statute from Sideshow Toys, requires a little attention now.


Standing 18 inches tall ( app 45cm ) this is the newest statue from sideshow carrying the universal theme.

for you who haven't seen the old silent Nosferatu movie yet, then it would be great Halloween moment, unfortunately the movie requires a lot of patience for the biggest percent of the audience, now when its so old and "primitive".

This staue is limited to only 500 worldwide, and sculpted by one of my favorite artists "Tom Gilliland" who has also done a lot of mummy designs and Dinosauria designs and sculpting for Sideshow Collectibles.

So far, this statue is far from perfect, I actually hate this "small" (almost a half meter tall ...) scale and trying to stick to the quarter scale (1/4, means that only four of these figures high would give the full height of the total person/actor/character's height )

but then again, Max Schreck is a true cult-icon and I thought he would give a great collectible in the Universal collection.

Especially the base was a Primus Motor for me to purchase this figure, The Memento mori inspired hooded skulls is like taken out of an old horror/vampire movie set ornaments, and at the same time, has a very simple and clean Message.

This is far from a real deal Collectible, theres '~SOME~ small paint-mistakes at the jacket, but its nearly impossible to see for the untrained eye, and I know Im quite pessimistic to the scale.
Something I can never forgive.

Sideshow should instead have continued their Universal line with some new additional characters like Vincent Price or the Invisible man, instead of reproducing the old characters in a new scale.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ****

Sculpting - ***

Paint - ***
Articulation -  (statue, no Joints)
Fun Factor - ***
Value - ***
Overall - **

Next time, we're going deep down in the black water. 
Can you guess what we can expect? 

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  1. Great title for this post! Nosferatu is a favorite of mine. You're right, today's audiences may not dig it's slow pace, but the cinematography just knocks my socks off.

    Too bad about the statue size and paint mistakes. The base is cool though.