Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Culture Night.


few days ago Mr Dai and Jacki and our friend Jacqueline went to the culture night.
first we visited the Botanical garden specially opened for guest to see the greenhouses and plant laboratories.
we actually got to plant our own a Venus fly catcher baby spire !

after it was time to visit the medical museum, where 100 of years medical technology is exhibited!
Old aggregates and medical equipment from a last century known for medication errors. a true copy of a european drugstore and beds from ancient hospitals!   (* ̄Oノ ̄*)
Very scary to experience this epoch and compare it to the present methods !  ・°・(ノД`)・°・

At last, we went to the ZOO to see the African Lions being fed in raaaaw horse meat!
action packt !

Thanks for a great night <3


  1. omg the last pic... I thought it was a picture of BUSHES or plants in the shape of your blog name. XD I was like OMG YOU PLANTED YOUR BLOG THERE! So epicccc! Omg, and tell Ane that you wanna tag along for hoddeok on Saturday! DO EEET! <3

  2. hi bby! thanks for a nice evening/night! ^^ <3


    Didnt know you took a photo of me there haha!

    Love you <3

  3. Sounds like a truly fascinating evening. From plants to museums to live lions...sounds like it could almost be an attraction at a Disney theme park. :)

  4. hi!!
    thanks for your comment concerning my ghibli museum post! :D
    well, the area is pretty small there. also the outside area! outside is just the huge robot and some café!~
    but inside is the whole interesting stuff, but you´re not allowed to take pictures... :(
    so i think it´s also ok when you go there when it´s cold~
    but you have to buy the tickets one month in advance via 7/11 or lawson~
    because the tickets for weekend are sold out pretty fast. but if you want to go at weektime i guess you can also get tickets one week before your planning date ^-^
    take care~
    bye bye ^^/

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments ^^

    Nancake: yeah, It COULD have been ne~;D

    Jeongie: I always adore taking pictures of you, ;) <3

    Cecil, zoo at night is awesome, the animals are so active !

    ASWS: it was, yeah Kinda like going through fantasyland, adventure and and tomorrow land ;D haha

    Nene: Great to know, I've never been there, but I think i HAVE to excavate this very museum once! thanks for the info, I really appreciate it ^^