Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jesica Rabbit Figure Statue Disneyland

This Jessica Rabbit polystone figurine was brought home from Disneyland Florida from their integrated pewter and polystone maquette store !

It mesures 23,5 inces which is almost 60 cm high!

The dress is pure pink glitter and the lips is treated with polyepoxide which give them the wet lipstick effect, a very accurate detail that gives the figure the ultimate Jessica Rabbit finish.

The tall measurements makes the figurine a bit wacky cause of the ultra thin heels she's wearing, non the less, she's mounted to the base but There a few thing on the base I would have done a bit different myself designing this statue.

The thin "cartoon-propotional" concept is super cool, but not very handy indeed.
Time's teeth will definitely let it break in the future. so if you're seeking for a life time lasting statue, this is not the one! So be careful is you want this one in your Disney Collection!

the base is meant to look like an old 4millimeter film case, a true Hollywood prop that gives jessica a cool outstanding effect of the time-classic epoke, wandering around in the hollywood studios looking for her only true rabbit love, Roger rabbit.

The text on the Film Roll case says Of-course "Jessica Rabbit", but the paintjob on the letters, are just horrible, I can't really figure out if its ment to look crabby and haf-done or if it is ment to be like that?

"She's Not bad, She's Just Drawn That way"

Jessica Rabbit Figure 

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