Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Trail Mix up review " Jessica Rabbit Disney Showcase, hosted by Sideshow collectibles

Well, A true maroon cartoon.
"Im not bad, Im just Drawn That way"
Im sure you knew this was coming if you know Jessica Rabbitt.
A wonderful sexy and charming-seducing character from "who framed Roger rabbit" the coperarted production from 1988 presented by following companies.

Production Companies

This movie featuring Jessica made basis for some Maroon cartoon shorts including "Trail Mix up" where the Sexy jessica acts as Ranger in a American nature Area.

And here is the Exclusive Jessica Rabbit Disney Showcase statuette that was inspiredly made from this short movie.
(limited to only 500 pieces)

The Jessica Rabbit figure is tiny, but has the absolute correct proportions.

Sculpting - ****

Paint - ***

Articulation -  (statue, no Joints)

Accessories - 

Outfit - *******

Fun Factor - ****
Value - ******
Overall - ****

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  1. The statuette resembles the cartoon Jessica perfectly. Thank God, they did not turn it into a disastrous doll like they did with Belle from beauty and the beast.