Monday, September 12, 2011

Scarlet witch

Few days ago, My hands Touched this wonderful mostly unknown marvel character,
The daughter of Magneto and Half sister of Polaris!
Sideshows scarlet Witch premium format Figure.

Beside my Mystique Comiquette
also from sideshow collectibles.
Scarlet witch and Mystique,
 two very sexy characters sculpted and painted by sideshow collectibles very talented team

Great Great item, really. 


  1. There's so much detail in her face! How tall is she? How big is your collection now?

  2. She's a quaterscale ! (approx 40/45 cm )

    My collection haha, Im so Happy you ask, :D
    I have over 2000 figures and statues. 500 props and replicas :D
    I might show some "collection shots" sometimes. :D

  3. That’s amazing she’s so big! In the nicest possible way I’m so envious of you ^^ I would probably faint if I saw that many figures in one place... But how do you find enough space for all of them?
    I would really love to see more of your collection ^___________^

  4. My study is filled with figures and merchandise, but its far from all I got, Ill try to take some pictures soon and post it here for you.
    Im soooo glad someone had requested this :)
    Thanks Alex