Friday, September 16, 2011

Pride of Atlantica

King Triton, One Of Disneys most ambitious King characters ever.
The mighty and aggressive King of the seven seas is here performed by LCC and in distributed cooperation represented by Sideshow collectibles.

Standing nearly 8 inches tall, this polystone bust is a must for very Disney Collectors.
I really appreciate to own this very limited piece.

Great Paint job and sculpting!
The inner box is just a black cardboard box which have no further design or artwork, which is disappointing now when its launched from Disney.

But all in all an "over expectation" piece.
And Its not the last Disney Bust from this company Im going to get.


  1. I like the hand in the last pic so we see the scale of the piece. A terrific sculpt!

  2. Very much indeed, My intention is to now collect a few more of these busts.
    Like The malificent, Evil queen and Jessica Rabbit. :)