Monday, April 18, 2011

A night On bald mountain

For those who remember Disney's fantasia. they probably also know The Mighty Chernabog from the classic disney horror sequence "Night on Bald mountain"in the very same Movie

This huge demon wakes one night a year to spread terror and horror.
BUT now this can be a daily choir, Sideshow toys inc. presents this huge premium format maquette to make every day a little like Halloween!

The measures 50cm i  heigh (20inches) come with light up feature, battery pack and two changeable head.

The only bad thing about this feature is the VERY cheap artwork on the box.
very disappointing. 

Score Recap:

Packaging - ** (cheap)

Sculpting - **** (cool, correctly but simple)
Paint - ***** (impressive)
Articulation -  (statue, no Joints)
Accessories - (only available at exclusive versions)
Fun Factor - ****
Value - *****
Overall - ****

watch "night on Bald mountain" right here bellow :)


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