Friday, July 1, 2011


a few weeks ago I announced on my twitter and facebook page, that I received sideshow exclusive edition of the Rocketeer character from the 1991 Disney movie that goes by the same name.

Sideshow decided in 2010 to create the ultimate Rocketeer collectible, and I was so lucky to get number 300 out of 375 EVER produced.

My version come with two heads, the "regular" Helmet head, AND the exclusive Bill Campbell head.

The base is highly inspired by the architectural style "Art deco" and have the touch of a cinemascopic front from the early 1950's which make the figure just a little more epic.

Rocketeer is by the way a highly recommendable movie, and not only for disney fans, because it contains quite a brick in the movie history expansion from the past 25 years.

Jetpack detail

Art Deco base

The Figure in front of the box.

Packaging - ***

Sculpting - ****

Paint - ***
Articulation -  (statue, no Joints)
Accessories - ***
Outfit - *****
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ******
Overall - ****

all in all a very cool statue/figure,...
 I definitely think the pose pulls the score recap up.

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  1. I thought I'd let you know that i've given you a "One Lovely Blog" award! ♥ I always enjoy reading your posts ♥ :3

    ps. i really want to watch the Rocketeer now, I haven't seen it since I was small!! :(