Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nimbus 2000

So, If anyone saw my last post from when I just received my daily mail, you might have been wondering what that huge box contained.

well, A week ago I ordered a Screen accurate Prop Replica From Harry potter and the Philosophers stone.

This Nimbus two thousand france-handcrafted broomstick measures almost two meter in length and made of wood and a non-heavy fiberglass pole.

I became surprisingly happy when discovering the very accurate quality.

A must for a collector.

~Rate it yourself <3 ~

Do me a favour click on the pictures to see the details <3


  1. Oh yes I did. hahahahahahah

    I KNOW !!!!!! :D

    The world is fuckt up anyway, so why can't I be it as well ? <3 :D

  2. STINE. YAAAA og er sååå glad for den :D <3

    Thanh: Thanks , I think so too. :-) a real Rubin in my collection <3

  3. think I'm a little in love! It is so AWSOME! <3