Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mistresses Of Evil

Well, Sideshow toys received their Disney license only a couple a years ago, And they've been doing some very cool figures since.

For example, they made until now four premium format disney statuettes in their "Villain" series.

The Evil Queen from Snow white, The Malificent from Sleeping beauty, Chernabog and Captain Hook.

All have been in pre order ever since announcement, and i received the two first some time ago and thinks it time for a show review.

these statues are the most perfect I have seen for a long time. and some of the best sculpted figures not made in Japan.
Sideshow did everything with expertise and the handmade clothes and the huge size is doing some great job together.

I will rate them as a couple because I don't see why I should do it as individuals when I don't have any problem to proclaim

Score Recap:

Packaging - ******
Sculpting - *****
Paint - Malificent ****** Evil queen *****
Articulation -  (statues, no Joints)
Accessories - (only available at exclusive versions)
Outfit - ******
Fun Factor - ******
Value - ******
Overall - *****

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