Wednesday, April 13, 2011


...after like 3 years I found an old sketch for a map I created of the "Department of mysteries".
Dont know if you recognize some part of it....
But i just finished it and drew on an old piece of paper to make it look older and torn.
So now it hangs on my inspiration board.  hehe.

last night, my sweet friend jeongie gave some crazy colors <3
I never really used this kind of hair color before, but I'll give it a try later so see what I can do. 
...Even though my hair looks very silver at THIS certain picture, it have actually turned quite blond since my last coloring. ヾ(▼ヘ▼;)

AND THEN I got myself some copies of jules Vernes masterpiece "Mysterious island" Part1 and Part 2... to make self inspired for my maquette project.
This is really old literature, but still quite fascinating and groundbreaking.

The mailman Just rang the door.  (* ̄Oノ ̄*)
Im Really exited about getting packages, but it just mean more work for me in the end.  "lol"
I'll show you tomorrow. <3



  1. dude give me your drawing skillz! Ò_ó srsly! x'D so goood *jelly-ing around*

    looking forward to seeing your upcoming hair! .. lemmedoiiiit!plz! lol
    it looks really gray-ish in that pictures ya! oh how I envy you! X'D

    mailman, always my friend.. unless he walks by my door with big packages and they arent for me lol!

  2. haha I know right :D those big boxes have hidden dreams inside :D Gief!

    haha, Thanks, You wanna color my hair, your mostly welcomed.
    what do want to do with it? <3

    My skills are not existing, its an oooold drawing I finished. xD