Friday, April 15, 2011

Disney Design

Last night The mailman brought me two books i ordered at Amazon few days ago.
 Luckily I made my company pay for 'em because I told them i needed them for some color research. 

"Maihama Art and graphics" are booked up for several orders for Disney this month.
*The monsters Inc campaign 
*Alice in wonderland artwork
*Jules vernes mysterious island experience artwork
*And now a Lilo and stitch merchandise project (box artwork)

Im only happy that I am able to work on several ~and way different projects at the same time, but it kinda irritates me that I cant stay in the same genre/universe in no longer than a couple a days....
I felt I was way into the idea of Monsters Inc concept when they asked me to do alice in wonderland decorations....

But then again, I received two wonderful books today.
γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ
The mega-format DESIGN book from Walt Disney studios.
contains a huge selection of conceptional art from their secret archives. 

Concept for beauty and the beast~

Mosaik from "beauty and the Beast" showing the castle while transforming! 
(this one is REALLY cool)

The Jungle Book character concepts 

Creatures drawn by non other than Director Tim Burton for "Taran and the black cauldron" while he worked at the Disney studio

early design for Ursula

Pinnochio clocks

The Kings' castle in "sleeping beauty"
(Look at the design for the trees) so cool

I also got this less impressive book about disney animation.

Some very special instructions about stop motion animation and creating a stop motion "set",  were necessary for my future project, and Only this certain book can tell me about it. ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

So I better begin.

Thanks for looking.

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