Friday, March 18, 2011

Party Cancelled

Because of the Fukushima situation, the party at saturday was cancelled.

We knew this late, and I already met Yuyu and yuta before we got the information.

Therefore we had some crazy time in shinjuku Donki and bought all kinds of crab...

We went to yutas house with a couple of other people and had a great time, we were skipping from youtube to the news all the time to keep us selves updated of the situation.

Yuyu serving the Nabe

Yuta's doing the dishes <3

Minami received a wig in birthday present from Yuyu

Slumber Party <3

Kitaro ( me ) and Grandfather-eyeball <3

around 00 we were so drunk, and Mia, Keigo and I decided to go to ATOM In Shibuya.
It was of course closed, and so were entire shibuya and roppongi.
One bar In kabukichou welcomed us, and It was a mixed experience really.
Im really no racists but it was crowded with nigerians and all were pretty suspicious but the beer was cheap hey Ho.

before going home at 7, we ate ramen in kabuki chou.
so funny, and Keigo and I had a furious garlic war.

as you see, kabukicho is almost empty :(

sad times, But awesome friends <3

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