Monday, March 28, 2011

Mysterious island

Well, I m sorry for these scattered updates, but I will try to update this log whenever i reach a new checkpoint in the process.

I dont know If you have wondered what the hell im doing ?
But its kinda a tribute model to the Author Jules Vernes that created the book (among others) Mystery island.
So when Disney asked me to create a 2D treasure map for the Jules Vernes Tokyo Disney sea area, I couldn't deny to make a 3D model first in the scale 1:1000 to get in mood and become even MORE inspired.

The model will include, the great Volcano, few naked tracks from the "journey to the center of the earth" ride, the entrance to "20.000 leages under the sea" ride, and Captain Nemos great Submarine "Nautilus" .

Sorry for being so mysterious about this project.


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