Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sixh, Sale and Sayonara!

My friend Yuyu and I went to the Sixh department in The h.NAOTO+ store in Harajuku yesterday

I wanted a special cardigan i saw there a week ago and ended up spending a huge amount on different pieces.

1 pair of pants, 5 cardigans, gloves, and I saw a hat I just need to own. <3
The pants i bought are these...they might be the funniest pants i own, designed by one of the band-members of "Heidi" I think that counts for something. haha

We actually did a lot of shopping and went to Shinjuku around 6 o clock to have a drink before going to Shizukas "sayonara-party".

She's going to Germany for studying and held a party for all her friends to say goodbye.


DJ, Shizuka (funny because Shizuka means "quiet")
Great, Great night, though I was helpless sleepy! 

( ̄▽+ ̄*)

And Of course You cant go to Harajuku without talking Purikura....its serious business.



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