Monday, February 7, 2011

Last Living souls!

I really feel I havent wrote anything in my blog for ages.
So I better create a brief update.

I went with Jeongie two nights in a row to our favorite restaurant "seoul" for eating their wonderful Korean Buffet.
We had a lot of kimchi and they are always serving sushi as well.
so delicious and Very romantic! <3

Friday night I went to sweet Jeongie 's Place for a preparty!

It was all good fun, and the Asian party later was as usual very fashionable and fun.
though I left too early because I was a little too drunk

actually I Don't really know what simon is doing here.
(the guy in the blue shirt)

From The club.
Blurry pictures is Indeed so Hipster.


AND as the very end, A tourist bus filled with chinese tourists burned totally down in front of my work the next day!

Action much.

Everyone talked about an explosion...
But it never happened.
fortunately we're not living in a action movie! 

Thanks for reading!
 I do really appreciate if you read all the way down here.



  1. Wow, that last picture is like taken out of some macho movie... crazyyyy.

  2. hahahahahah! whatever Simon is doing there, Morten seem very interested and Mads totally approves XD

    ++ more korean food plz!!!!! nom nom nom <3