Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, tonight was kinda busy, I met Yuyu and Remi in front of Donkihoude in shinjuku at 6 o'clock, Because they wanted to go to an Izakaya and have a couple of drinks before going to the Deca-Bar.

It was so funny, we had a great time, eating and drinking all kinds of japanese food, all from squids, okonomiyaki and sashami and left with our stomaches filled with great food.
and yuta and Jeff joined us a little later at the Izakaya ! 

Deca-Bar was SOOOOO boring, lame music and so little space made us taking several walks outside in kabukicho and the game centers where I used (as dumb and drunk as I am) almost 1500yen trying to win a god damn kitkat bar ! F**K

we took some fast purikuras and I went home a little past 12 at night.


Remi and I changed the background at the Bars' computer......

Well, Dunno how to explain it.


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