Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling alienated 'and a sea beyond !

Lately I felt so alienated, I wanna go back to Tokyo asap(≧▽≦)
I was looking for a plane ticket for friday or saturday night., but I don't know If I should go so soon, I just really wanna have some time off.
Lately my life experienced a huge crash, but fortunately i have a lot of good friends, who took care of me. ヽ( )`ε´( )ノふふふふ。。。
I went to Kim today, to talk about life and so on to feel better.
he showed me the most fantastic sketches for Captain Nemos' Nautilus, I wanna grab a picture for you guys in the end of the week when Im visiting him again :D Im so exited to get some myself and frame them for my study<3

You can see the Nautilus here on this link.
Those sketches I saw were some original old ones apart from those here which is newly printed "hi-res" files.


Here's by the way a picture I took of the Nautilus replica in disney sea in Maihama tokyo
I cant wait to go to disney sea again *:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:
you see, disney sea is really different from other disney parks, those who have been there would definitely agree, that this park is so much more futuristic and artistic sophisticated.
You just gotta love it <3
Maybe I should post some more disney sea pictures soon. 

(me today)*

Today i cooked the best gyosas of all time.
I frigging missed eating gyosa.

Hey, thanks for reading this guys. I appreciate your interests. 

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