Tuesday, November 16, 2010

doing chores for Spidey!

Sideshow toys knows very well that their marvel girls are selling far faster than most other characters!
the have announced a comiquette series based on cool girls with pin-up touches and reproduced some very cool "new" characteristic female figurines.

Apart from their Marvel "Rouge", my favorite might be Mary jane from Stan lee's "Spiderman".

This figure is picturing a, from what I know, a fictional scene where Mary is Washing Spideys Super hero suit.

The figurine is very classic and simple but has a pretty poor paint job, it reminds me mostly of a old pin up signs and the paint is reflecting light so its getting a shiny surface.

The box is cool, Might be the coolest thing of all. The art and the fond is simply just beautiful.

Score Recap: 

Packaging - ****
Sculpting - ***
Paint - **
Outfit - ***
Value - ***
Overall - **

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  1. Soo cooool bby! Wish it could stand in our livingroom xDD <3