Thursday, September 16, 2010

working'em down (。・ε・。)

Im in my bed with my laptop waiting to go to work, These slow mornings makes me drowsy the whole day, with no fresh' n' hurrying start I never really wakes up. It strange and annoying.. (◎`ε´◎ )
When Im done in the shop Im going to my cousins place, she gave birth the 14th and I want see my little new niece ASAP!
She's really cute at pictures, and doubly' so in real life I hope!

Jeongie is celebrating the broadcasting of camp rock-2 tomorrow at Disney Channel, therefore we're all going to her place to watch and have a couple of drinks.
unfortunately i have work to do saturday morning, so its not going to be that late for me.
( ̄▽+ ̄*) )ヾ

..and more work at the macbook have to be finished as well. !
Looking tiredヾ(▼ヘ▼;)

Thanks for looking<3