Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cheap sunday

Sundays. Made for milk and shopping.

therefore I went out shopping just for making the time go faster.  I really hate slow sundays without company.
I found a pretty nice offer in Monki, a black draped shirt to a cheap price which I might hunt down next week.

...but i got some new dvd's and a box set I can enjoy now.

Everything is driving in a really low gear today, I'll better just chill out with my newly bought movies and some artwork.

see ya <3


  1. we should've gone sunday shopping together then, ass =0=;; <3

  2. Søndagsshopping, må vel være til Oktober næste gang så? lol.

    Anyway, det er en vildt nice bluse du har på, på le pictureee! ;3

  3. i really love ur look :D And i love ur blog! U do art..?