Saturday, September 4, 2010

anniversary dots

This fridays my College through almost ten years had anniversary. We made the smallest surprise party ever seen, and drank red'n'green soda pops.
I was totally high on sugar when I left, and my evening meal consisted of chocolate cake, therefore it took nothing for me to get drunk when I later went out with the retardo-crew for booze.

these two last pictures were strangle looking pretty well just when they were taken. 
when you're drunk and far away from taste, you'll always consider yourself as pro photographer. lawl.

thanks for looking.


  1. .. or a pro bicycle-man! ;)

    the hair, very sexy! 8D<3

  2. Ej, elsker det sidste billede. Mega fedt, haha. Chokoladekage og en vitaminpille - adequate nutrition!

  3. haha fuck du lever sundt Emil :D

    og hvad snakker du om?! de billeder er da high pro!

  4. Junkie-Tak <3

    Mumrik- haha much

    Gitte-jah, det var min aftensmad og det var niiiiiice.