Saturday, August 21, 2010

Visit from Japan

My head hurts, the reason I will tell ye'!

Yesterday my friend from japan visited Denmark as a part of his summer vacation in his home country Sweden.
He wanted to go to the copenhagen Pride so Menochi and I accompanied him to the party.

We hang out a couple of hours in the city center, stolling and shopping and had some beers at the town hall square.

It was all good fun, and i met another friend later and we took a couple of beers as well.
(i do not refer to the Fisher Price mascot xD )

Today I'm feeling bad because I actual had a flu before going out drinking, so today's like hell in ma' body!


-The Pride Area-

Thanks for Looking everyone ! <3



  1. dit hår er fab!
    liige den farve jeg også vil have men opgav pga. vedligeholdelsen.. øv hvor har jeg fortrudt efter at glo på dig :(

  2. mane tak :) er også meget glad for denne farve. har dog haft den ret længe, så er ved at overveje noget nyt. :(

    Men se da at få den, du kan nøjes med at farve det hver tredie uge :)

  3. Det lyder super hyggeligt! Elsker Fisher Price manden, haha. Din bedste ven. Dit hår ser fantastisk ud, som altid :)

  4. I love the color of your hair too x___x!

    And omg, two of my Japan-friends in the same continent, why am I stuck in Norway? XDD
    I miss you, guys!! <3