Monday, August 2, 2010

Building never ends.

I went to the architecture education center today to reach some more materials for my next hire.

wednesday we'll begin at the main-model for the stop motion middle-way movie filmed at the national animation-school.

I'm just so much not into this, everyone apart from me at this project is extremely sloppy with details. I Know I have a Big issue at details, everything needs to have the deepest meaning when I create, build and paint.
AND I just KNOW, that these mistakes other people are doing are visible at camera monitors, and when the while balance is adjusted.
We finished the big "Tim Burton" ish model last week, withover 300 trees, a lake, two major manors and a huge Gothic castle.
(5 meters in length)
I hope I might be able to take some pictures when the recording is over.

( left: Picture taken by the staff during the filming of Tim Burtons Corpe Bride )

I felt very inspired after doing the "Horror" model, it was like working on a Tim Burton movie.

This is a inspiration picture for the next Marquette.
Its going to be a European cathedral, and since i wrote a big essay in high school about roman architecture, this is going to be great. (AND HUGE)

So much material. O__O
paper, wood, glue and 9 Liters of marble paint.

This will also include pretty much  symbolism and hidden messages.


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